Looks and Feels Like Real Underwear

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looks and feels like real underwear

Smooth soft side for a trim, comfortable and customized fit

customized protection for boys & girls

Targeted absorbency helps prevent leaks from happening

wetness indicator

Characters fade when wet to help support potty training

easy open & close sides

Quick and easy checks and changes

Expertly Designed
Dermatologically Tested (But Not on Animals)

Dermatologically Tested (but not on animals)

All Cuties materials have been evaluated by a dermatologist and have been deemed safe for use.
Elemental Chlorine Free Fluff

Elemental Chlorine-Free Fluff (what's this?)

Cuties doesn't add chlorine to diapers. Instead, we use a safe elemental chlorine-free process to purify the fibers in our diapers.
Free of Latex, lotions, fragrance and Chlorine bleaching

Free of Latex, Fragrances, Lotions & Dyes

Free of fragrances, latex, parabens, lotions, and other harmful chemicals.


Minimizes the likelihood of an allergic response by reducing potentially irritating substances. In other words, nothing harsh for babies delicate skin.
No Lead or Any Heavy Metals in Our Ink

No Lead or heavy metals in our ink

Inks used do not contain lead or any heavy metals that can be harmful.

Responsibly Made in the USA* *with domestic and imported parts

Our products are responsibly made in the USA with Domestic and Imported Parts, specifically in Lewistown, PA, McElhattan, PA & Macon, GA .
Sustainably Sourced Fluff

SFI Sustainably Sourced Fluff

Our products are certified by the SFI to be sourced from sustainably managed forests.
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