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About Us

Why Cuties?

Cuties is a new generation of baby care for a new generation of parents.

We made Our SkinSmart promise to you & your baby, and we intend to keep it. Every decision we make is designed to help protect the health of your baby's sensitive skin. And we mean every decision.

All of our products undergo extensive research, testing & retesting to ensure we've thought of everything before we send anything to your door. Advanced Quality Assurance vision systems monitor the quality of our products 24/7. And a dedicated team of energy analysts constantly evaluate our facilities to see what can be reused or repurposed into energy sources.

What else can you tell me about Cuties?
We have parents of our own. We're proud to be a member of the First Quality family. 


What is different about Cuties diapers? 
Thoughtfully designed, responsibly made & incredibly soft, every decision we make is designed to help protect the health of your baby's sensitive skin, including the designs themselves. (Our designs use less ink for maximum breathability & cuteness.)

Cuties diapers are made with five layers of super soft protection that help keep your cutie nice & dry, comfy & cute. Our gentle inner liner is not only hypoallergenic, it's dermatologically tested. The Cotton™ Enhanced Dryness Layer and Ultra-Absorbent Core work ultra-hard to lock wetness away from sensitive baby skin. The AirMax™ breathable outer cover helps keep your baby's skin cool and dry, and a High-Performance Core Wrap helps keep everything nice & snug. Like it should be.  

We've also added a set of super Snug Fit Strips as an extra level of comfy snugness, to make everything feel so good and fit so right, all day & every night.

You can see how Cuties diapers compare to your current diaper for yourself Try Cuties!

Where can i get my hands on some Cuties?

Simply click here 

Are Cuties products safe for my baby?
That's a firm yes. Our diapers are hypoallergenic, dermatologically tested, unscented, elemental chlorine free, free of latex, lotions, lead or any heavy metals. And we use sustainably sourced fluff. Our wipes are also hypoallergenic, dermatologically tested, free of chlorine, alcohol, lotions, oils & dyes.
Are your products tested on animals?
No way. Our diapers & wipes are most certainly not tested on animals.
Do you offer night time diapers?
Our diapers are so super soft and super absorbent, they're good for day and night.
Some sizes overlap in weights. How do I know which size to go with?
We do have a sizing chart for your reference. If your baby falls between sizes you might want to size up for the little chunksters and size down for the pint-sized peanuts. When in doubt, size up. They grow up so quickly.
What ingredients do you use to make Cuties diapers?
Our diapers are made with SFI Sustainably-sourced fluff (elemental chlorine free), non-toxic superabsorbent polymer (sodium polyacrylate), chlorine free cotton-enhanced™ nonwoven dryness layer, polypropylene nonwoven fabrics, non-latex elastics (stretch sides, waist, legs), fastening system, breathable moisture barrier, safe adhesives, inks (made without lead & heavy metals).
Are Cuties Chlorine Free?
You bet. Cuties doesn't add chlorine to diapers. Instead, we use an elemental chlorine-free process to purify the  fibers in our diapers. The FDA considers this method to be safe and dioxin free. We like that. And we think your babies will too.
What ingredients do you use to make Cuties baby wipes?
Where are Cuties diapers made?
Our diapers are responsibly made in the USA with domestic and imported parts, specifically in Lewistown, PA & Macon, GA. 
Where are Cuties wipes made?
Our wipes are responsibly made in the USA with domestic and imported parts, specifically in McElhattan, PA.
Are your wipes flushable?
No, and thank you for asking. Until we're able to make a wipe that truly decomposes and doesn't harm the environment, we don't recommend flushing any baby wipes.


I own a blog and I'm interested in doing a Cuties collaboration. Who should I talk to?
We love collaborating. Please contact us for more info.
Where can I send you photos of my cutie with your Cuties?
Your cutie in our Cuties? We can't think of a single more adorable sight. Connect with us on social media and share your pics & clips of your cutie with #toocuties and help us spread cuteness.
How can I reach customer service?
You can contact us through our online form or call us directly at 1.800.262.0042.


Cloth or Disposable, is one better for the environment?

Well, diaper changers and soon-to-be diaper changers, the jury is still out on this one.


A bunch of scientific studies found that both cloth & disposable diapers have environmental effects, including raw material and energy usage, air & water pollution, and waste disposal. Disposable diapers add 1%-2% to municipal solid waste, while cloth diapers use more energy & water in laundering, and contribute to air & water pollution. In the end, it's really for you to decide what works for you.