Sitting pretty, feeling happy

Our super soft, Gentle Hypoallergenic Liner, no wonder your cutie's smiling.


The Breezy Outer Cover

Our AirMax Breathable Outer Cover. Maximum dryness meets maximum cuteness.


Cotton Enhanced Dryness Layer

This Cotton Enhanced Layer is the frontline defense against wetness.


Ultra-Absorbent, Ultra-Responsible

Good for day or night, our Ultra-Absorbent Core, with sustainably-sourced fluff, locks wetness far away from your baby's sensitive skin to keep 'em all kinds of dry.


Hello Snug, Goodbye Sag

Saggy, bunchy, leaky diapers are out. An extra layer of protection helps keep everything nice & snug. Like it should be.


Snug Fit Strips

A set of super Snug Fit Strips work as an extra level of comfy snugness, to make everything feel so good and fit so right.


How cute are these?

Cotton Enhanced Dryness Layer
Dermatologically Tested (but not on animals)
Elemental Chlorine-Free Fluff (What's this?)
Free of Latex, Fragrances, Lotions & Dyes
No Lead or any Heavy Metals in Our Ink
Produced in a Zero Waste to Landfill Facility
Responsibly Made in the USA*
*with domestic and imported parts
SFI Sustainably Sourced Fluff

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